Although only 21 years old, Jordan has been involved in motorsport for 15 years.  Over the past years, Jordan has managed to carve a very successful path to become a professional racing driver in Europe, currently driving for Bentley Team Abt. From his experience and knowledge learnt from both South Africa and Europe + working with some of the world’s best motorsport engineers, Jordan has really been able to develop himself as a complete racing driver and has acquired a lot of skills over the years which he believes he could share to the world of Motorsport and help young up and coming talents, Hobby Drivers, or even complete rookies.

in 2014/15 Jordan was 1 of 10 drivers to get selected for the FIA young driver excellence academy where he was under the guidance of ex F1 and WEC star Alexander Wurz, learning new and fine tuning not only his own driving skills, but also learning the art of coaching and how to get the best out of a driver. Along with this, Jordan has built up years of experience coaching and helping up and coming drivers in various formulas, back home in South Africa as well as in Europe. He also played a huge role as a driver coach and mentor in the last 2 racing academies held in South Africa, the MDA( Motorsport Development Academy) and VWDSA( VW Driver Search Academy)

“Motorsport is my life, my Passion. As a racing driver you always looking to improve and better yourself constantly, increase the amount of tools in your toolbox. That’s what gave me motivation to not only develop as a driver but also as a coach. Whilst sharing my experience and knowledge with the various drivers I’ve worked with, I am able to pick up new skills and tricks which both strengthens my Driving ‘toolbox’ and therefore I can share these tools with potential clients, to help them improve. A definite win win situation.”


Why should I choose Jordan?

  • Has been in motorsport for over 15 years.
  • Vast experience and knowledge for both FWD and RWD cars.
  • Years of Coaching experience with various drivers.
  • FIA young Driver excellence academy member, spent time enhancing our professional coaching skills
  • Skills across different platforms in motorsport, Driving, data analysis, setup work
  • Greater understanding as to what it takes to become a professional racing driver

What can I learn?

  • Basic car control skills (oversteer, understeer, how to handle the situation depending on your car)
  • Braking techniques, work on correct brake shapes and help develop your feeling for braking on the limit. Ie, trail braking, braking in the wet or dry.
  • Weight transfer, and how to use this to your advantage
  • Throttle application, when should I go to power, how does it effect the car, different throttle shapes for different cars. Etc.
  • Racing lines, how to execute the perfect racing line, in both wet and dry to maximise time gain.
  • Racecraft and techniques to help improve your passing abilities.
  • Warm up procedures, how to make sure your tyres are perfectly switched on for Praactice, Qualifying and Race
  • Individual racetrack tricks and tips.


All costs vary, depending on the situation. What car is used, track, how long, test days or race weekend.

If you would like more information, please contact Jordan directly via mail.